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Deutsche Windguard 2020 On Course

Varel, Germany - In spite of Covid 19, Deutsche Windguard GmbH has so far recorded a successful development in 2020.

In the area of Due Diligence the volume could be approximately doubled in the first 10 months. The company is also well positioned in the field of feed-in management with the company's own wind farm management system Wonder 3.0.

Deutsche Windguard doubles volume of Technical Due Diligence

In the first ten months of 2020, Deutsche Windguard evaluated more than 1,600 wind turbines (WTGs) with a total capacity of over 3,800 megawatts (MW) in the course of technical due diligence projects. The company, which specializes in the operational management of wind farms, inspection of wind turbines and studies for politics and the economy, was thus able to more than double the volume of services in the field of technical due diligence compared to the previous year. According to the company, the total output of all due diligence projects reviewed by Deutsche Windguard to date now amounts to more than 17.3 gigawatts (17,300 MW).

In some cases, investors, energy suppliers and project developers commission entire wind farm portfolios from planned and operating projects in Germany, France, Turkey and Taiwan for due diligence in the context of major contracts. In order to realistically evaluate the condition of existing wind turbines, Deutsche Windguard carried out inspections on many projects, often with the aim of determining the potential for further operation of existing turbines.

According to the company, Deutsche Windguard can call upon experienced specialists and the necessary know-how for the technical inspection to cover all aspects of the technical inspection. This starts with securing areas to approvals and site certificates, contracts, finances and insurances and goes all the way to the assessment of energy yields and lifetime extension potential

Feed-in management with Wonder 3.0: Reimbursement at the push of a button

Deutsche Windguard is also satisfied with the development of the demand for services in the area of wind farm managemen. With Wonder 3.0, the company offers its own wind farm management system in this area, which enables applications for reimbursement of lost earnings to be made at the touch of a button. According to WindGuard, operators of more than 3,000 wind turbines worldwide with a total output of over 6,000 MW now use Wonder 3.0. The WindGuard Group's own technical operations management also uses the system and currently manages around 65 wind farms with 256 wind turbines.

Source: IWR Online, 11 Nov 2020