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Nordex Optimizes Energy Yield of Existing Wind Turbines with Vortex Generators

Hamburg, Germany - Nordex is also working continuously on solutions for improving the energy yield of its older wind turbines. A project has now been successfully completed in Turkey, which could be of interest to further Nordex customers.

Vortex upgrade as additional option for N100 WTG

In order to boost power generation, wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is offering its customers the Vortex Generator upgrade of rotor blades as an additional option for the Gamma Generation N100 turbines with blades that were not previously equipped with this solution ex works. Nordex has optimized the aerodynamics of the rotor blades of a total of 80 N100/2500 turbines for the long-standing Turkish customer Eksim. Thanks to the installation of vortex generators on the rotor blades, the energy production of the wind turbines of five wind farms is now being increased by up to two percent, according to Nordex. The Turkish project is the largest project to date in which Nordex has upgraded rotor blades with vortex generators.

The Nordex Group worked closely with Eksim as early as the product development phase: As part of a pilot project, rotor blades of six N100/2500 wind turbines at the Susurluk wind farm in Turkey were already equipped with vortex generators in 2016.

According to Sabahattin ER, Managing Director of Eskim Investment Holding, Eksim Investment Holding is constantly on the lookout for technical developments to increase the energy output and efficiency of its turbine fleet. "We are very pleased that the project had been managed professionally by the Nordex Turkey Service Teams and even completed earlier than the original planned date despite potential delays due to global Covid-19 pandemic", Sabahattin ER continued.

Delta and Delta 4000 generation wind turbines serially equipped with Vortex generators as standard

The Nordex Group is continuously developing upgrades for turbines of its older generations using the latest technologies of current turbine generations. Rotor blades of the Delta and Delta4000 generation turbines are serially equipped with vortex generators. Vortex generators are a proven solution for aerodynamically efficient rotor blade optimization. The vortex generators are mounted on the top side of the rotor blade and delay the stall of the rotor blade. This results in increased lift at the rotor blade, which increases the energy production of the turbines by up to 2 percent. In addition to the reduced costs of power generation, Nordex customers benefit from a high product reliability and a rapid on-site assembly by certified rope-access technicians, stresses the wind turbine manufacturer.

About Eksim Investment Holding

EKSIM Investment Holding has been following the renewable energy technologies over a decade by aiming to convert potential power of water and wind in Turkey into society’s benefit. As of today, total capacity of EKSIM’s renewable energy portfolio is 623 MW which consist of 461 MW Wind Energy and 162 MW Hydro Power Projects. In addition to energy production, EKSIM holds an Electricity Wholesale License obtained from EMRA which allows it to sale electricity to private sector companies as well as import and export electricity.

Source: IWR Online, 20 Nov 2020