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No Night-Time Blinking Anymore: Market for ADLS Systems Gains Momentum

Bremen, Walldorf, Isernhagen / Germany - The demand-controlled night marking of wind turbines (WT) is considered to be of great importance for improving the acceptance of wind energy.

Even though the legal deadline for retrofitting has been postponed to the end of 2022, the retrofitting of wind farms with Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) is visibly gaining momentum. This is also shown by the current developments in the field of ADLS at Wpd Windmanager, Lanthan Safe Sky and Quantec Sensors.

Wpd Windmanager now also offers ADLS services for external WTs

Specialised in technical and commercial operational management, Wpd Windmanager GmbH & Co. KG provides operational management services for wind turbines with an output of over 3,500 MW Germany alone. In the area of demand-controlled night-time labelling, this volume presented many challenges and a high level of effort for Wpd Windmanager. According to Jonas Lesch, ADLS expert in Technical Management at Wpd Windmanager, in the past few months the company has carried out the preliminary audit for ADSL obligation of around 2,000 turbines, of which about 1,000 wind turbines are obliged to undergo ADLS. In addition to the preliminary assessments, Wpd's range of services also includes handling the multi-stage approval procedures, manufacturer- and system-independent consulting, and wind farm- and site-specific implementation.

Until now, Wpd Windmanager has offered all ADLS services exclusively to existing customers and cooperation partners. Now Wpd Windmanager is expanding its ADLS offering and, in addition to existing wind farms, is also taking over ADLS processing for external WTs, both for neighbouring wind farms and for other wind farms belonging to existing customers.

Lanthan Safe Sky converts 61 SAB WindTeam wind turbines to transponder-based ADLS system

Itzehoe-based SAB WindTeam GmbH has commissioned Walldorf-based Lanthan Safe Sky to equip its wind turbines with the company's transponder-based ADLS system. SAB's portfolio of 61 wind turbines (WTGs) includes several turbine types and generations from Vestas and Enercon, which are spread across the five districts of Börde, Burgenlandkreis, Salzlandkreis and the districts of Mansfeld-Südharz and Harz in Saxony-Anhalt. SAB chose Lanthan Safe Sky because the solutions offered fit very well with the SAB wind farm portfolio, says Tobias Volkmann, Managing Director of SAB WindTeam GmbH. Volkmann cites the fact that the implementation comes from a single source as another positive aspect of the cooperation.

Tenth ADLS radar system from Quantec Sensors released for operation

A few days ago, the tenth radar-based detection system of Quantec Sensors GmbH was approved by DFS Aviation Services GmbH and released for operation. The system, which was set up in cooperation with Umwelt Management AG, covers an area of approximately 10,000 square kilometres with ADLS signals in the Freiburg/Elbe region. According to the ADLS provider, the ten detection units from Quantec Sensors thus supply a total of well over 500 wind farms and make it possible to switch off the warning light.

Quantec Sensors has already been active in the field of ADLS for more than a decade. In the meantime, Quantec's sister company Lightguard GmbH, which develops, produces and operates the in-house transponder-based Lightguard ADLS system, also benefits from this experience.

Source: IWR Online, 18 Mar 2021