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Energiequelle And Notus Energie On Course For Expansion In France

Decize, Paris / France - The solar market in France is developing with increasing dynamics. Due to the early market entry, German project developers such as Energiequelle and Notus Energy can also profit through their French subsidiaries.

Energiequelle GmbH and Notus Energie GmbH report great progress in their current solar park projects in France. While Energiequelle GmbH has commissioned its large-scale project with a capacity of around 15 megawatts (MW) in Decize, Notus Energy's solar park in Baraize in central France has now been officially inaugurated. Further projects are in the pipeline.

First Energiequelle GmbH solar park goes into operation in France

The first solar project of the French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie is in operation. The park was built in cooperation with EREA Ingenierie in the centrally located town of Decize in the Département Nièvre. On 15.6 hectares, around 36,000 modules with 405 Wp from the Chinese manufacturer Talesun were installed with a total output of 14.7 MWp. The projected annual energy yield is 16.2 million KWh.

The construction work - from the access road to the transfer station - was carried out by the French group Bouygues SA. The construction management was carried out by P&T Technologie. The project was successfully tendered two years ago. Construction work began in January of this year. The electricity produced will receive a payment of 5.15 cents per kWh, which has been secured for 20 years.

"With the realisation of Decize, we successfully relied on proven and experienced partnerships," says Uta Kanira, project manager at Energiequelle. "With the experience gained from this successful implementation, we can now move on to the following projects," Kanira continues.

Notus Énergie France inaugurates solar park in Baraize - celebration with residents

Since the end of April 2021, Notus Énergie France's Baraize solar park in central France has been feeding electricity with a total capacity of 15.8 MW into the grid. The plant, which construction began in September 2020, has now been officially inaugurated. In addition to around 100 guests from the neighbourhood, Stéphane Sinagoga, Secretary General of the Indre Prefecture and several mayors of the surrounding municipalities also attended the event.

Through the participation platform Lendosphere, around 200 citizens from the surrounding communities contributed more than 1.2 million euros to the construction of the solar power plant. The total volume of the project was around 12 million euros.

"Through the participation model, many of our citizens are co-owners of the solar park. We are proud that we are making our contribution to climate protection in this way," says Lionnel Perrot, mayor of the site municipality Baraize. Because the solar park is located on a plot of land owned by the municipality, the lease income also benefits the local community. Heinrich Lieser, Président Notus Énergi e France, emphasised the high environmental standards in the construction of the solar park. "There is no concrete, the solar panels are on poles made of wood. We have preserved the existing hedges and replanted almost 3,000 trees and shrubs, including around 50 fruit trees of local origin."

Baraize is Notus Énergie France's largest solar project to date. The Notus subsidiary is currently planning further solar parks in France and is expanding its team of experts there.

Source: IWR Online, 26 Jul 2021