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Wind Market Finland: Nordex Receives Orders For 100 MW From Finland's Largest Wind Power Operator

Hamburg, Germany - The momentum in the Finnish wind energy market has picked up considerably in recent years. This is also benefiting wind turbine manufacturer Nordex, which has already scored with numerous orders from the Nordic country.

At the end of September, Nordex was awarded a contract by investor Exilion Tuuli Ky, Finland's largest wind power operator, for the delivery of turbines for the "Isokangas" and "Palokangas" wind farms. The new orders comprise the delivery and installation of 17 turbines of the type N163/5.X in the cold climate version as well as a premium service for the turbines over a period of 30 years.

The locations of the "Isokangas" and "Palokangas" wind farms are in the municipality of Ii in the north of Finland. The delivery and start of construction of the wind turbines is scheduled for spring 2024.

Since the introduction of the N163/5.X turbine to be used in the projects, the Nordex Group has to date received orders for 5,500 MW (5.5 GW) of this turbine variant of the Delta4000 series worldwide. In Finland alone, the German turbine manufacturer is now building wind farms with a capacity of more than 1,350 MW (1.35 GW) with the N163/5.X.

"We are very pleased that Exilion - Finland's largest wind power producer - has chosen us to supply our onshore technology," says Nordex CSO Patxi Landa, welcoming the major orders. The new orders show once again how Nordex technology is also suitable for the climatic conditions in the Nordic countries, Landa continues.

Exilion was founded in 2005 and is a Finnish investment company whick is specialised in investments in real estate and renewable energies. Exilion operates through four limited liability partnerships, owning and managing capital of 1.3 billion euros, consisting of 10 properties and 13 wind farms. The income generated goes to pension funds and education in Finland.

Nordex stock has gained 9.1 percent to a price of EUR 8.86 in the first two days of trading this week (closing price, 04.10.2022, Stuttgart stock exchange). This morning, too, the stock of the RENIXX Group is initially continuing its upward trend, although it is currently slightly down at a price of EUR 8.854 (11:45 a.m., 05.10.2022, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 05 Oct 2022