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Silesia 2" Wind Farm: Nordex Receives Order From Poland For Up To 137 MW

Hamburg, Germany - Nordex has received an order from a subsidiary of the Ignitis Group, Lithuania's state energy holding company, for the delivery of wind turbines in Poland. The 37 N117/3600 turbines are destined for the "Silesia 2" wind farm.

In addition, there is an option to extend the wind farm by another turbine. The contract also includes a premium service agreement for the turbines for 15 years.

The delivery and installation work near the city of Opole in the southwest of the country will begin in summer 2023.

The "Silesia 2" wind farm is being built near the 50 MW "Silesia 1" wind farm, which Ignitis Group had also commissioned from the Nordex Group at the end of 2021 with N117/3600 turbines.

After completion, the Silesia 2 wind farm will be the largest wind farm in Poland to date with turbines from the Nordex Group. With this order Nordex has so far received orders totalling 340 MW from the Ignitis Group for wind farms in Poland and Lithuania.

Electricity production from wind power in Poland in 2022 has already risen by 40 percent year-on-year. From January to date (11.10.2022), 14.7 billion kWh of wind power was fed into the Polish grids (previous year: 10.3 billion kWh).

Source: IWR Online, 11 Oct 2022