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Decarbonising Shipping: Amogy Integrates Ballard Fuel Cells Into Ammonia Power Platform

Brooklyn, USA / Vancouver, Canada - Fuel cell systems are one option for the decarbonisation of shipping. Ballard is also active in this business field.

The RENIXX group has now received an order from Amogy, a pioneer in ammonia-based energy solutions, for the supply of fuel cell systems to be used in maritime power applications.

The contracted Ballard Power FCwaveTM modules are a scalable fuel cell system certified for operation in maritime environments. Amogy's ammonia platform is based on what Ballard claims is a unique ammonia splitting technology that enables the production of hydrogen on board for use in a fuel cell. The Amogy team is currently in the process of scaling the technology for use on ships and plans to deploy it on tankers and tugs

Under the contract now signed, Amogy is committing to an initial order of three FCwaveTM fuel cell systems, each rated at 200 kW. Ballard will support the integration of the fuel cells in combination with Amogy's ammonia reforming system. The fuel cell manufacturer plans to deliver the first FCwave systems for offshore use to Amogy in 2023. A follow-on order for a further seven systems of the same type is expected following the successful completion of the first projects.

„With access to their leading fuel cell technology and team of experts, together we can expedite commercialization of scalable, ammonia-to-power solutions for the maritime industry and support global sustainability goals", says Seonghoon Woo, Chief Executive Officer at Amogy. " e are excited for the opportunity to work with Amogy and bring our clean and innovative technologies together. We believe Amogy’s onboard capabilities to convert ammonia to gaseous hydrogen combined with our fuel cell engines will be a major milestone to achieve decarbonization in the marine sector", says Søren Østergaard Hansen, General Manager, Marine and Stationary, Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S, welcoming the order.

Ballard Power's share price has shown a weak performance in the first four trading days of this week. Until yesterday evening, the share price of the RENIXX group recorded a weekly loss of 12.2 percent to a price of 5.23 euros (closing price 08.12.2022, Stuttgart stock exchange). Compared to the price at the turn of the year, this is a loss of 49.6 percent. The Ballard share thus currently occupies last place in the RENIXX 2022 ranking.

Source: IWR Online, 09 Dec 2022