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Portfolio Expansion: Capacity of Wind Projects in PNE's Own Operations Continues to Rise

Cuxhaven, Germany - Clean energy solutions provider PNE continues to expand its own operating portfolio with two additional wind farms.

The wind energy projects with a total capacity of around 39 megawatts (MW) were commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2022 at two locations in Lower Saxony. As a result, the wind energy portfolio in PNE's own operations grows to a capacity of around 319 MW.

The wind farm in Groß Oesingen in the district of Gifhorn has a total capacity of 32.4 MW and consists of nine Nordex N131 wind turbines. In Adensen in the district of Hildesheim, two new wind turbines of the type Vestas V126 with a total capacity of 6.9 MW complement a wind farm area already consisting of eleven turbines. Here, only one of the new turbines remains in PNE's own operation. The second WTG has been transferred to the ownership of a local company, which is mainly managed by the landowners.

Currently, a further eight wind farms of the PNE Group with a capacity of 167.8 MW are under construction. Of these, five wind farms with a capacity of 88 MW are intended for own operation.

Shortly before Christmas, PNE also received approval for two further wind farms in Lower Saxony. A wind farm with nine wind turbines and an output of 55.8 MW will be built in Papenrode in the district of Helmstedt and a farm consisting of seven turbines with a total output of 25.2 MW will be built in Bokel in the district of Gifhorn.

"As a clean energy solutions provider, we have set ourselves the strategic goal of having an output of 1,500 MW/MWp of our own wind power and photovoltaic plants in operation or under construction by the end of 2027. We are taking a further step towards this goal with the two new wind farmsl," says Markus Lesser, Chairman of the PNE Board of Management.

Source: IWR Online, 10 Jan 2023