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Successful Start to The Year: UKA Has 1.8 GW of Wind Power Capacity in The Approval Process

Meissen, Germany - Wind and solar farm developer UKA is starting the new year with a well-filled project pipeline. Wind onshore projects with around 1.8 gigawatts (1,800 MW) of capacity - more than ever before in UKA's corporate history - are currently in the approval process on the German home market.

UKA has thus established itself among the top three German wind onshore developers, the company says. This position has already been reflected from the number of contracts awarded to the UKA Group over the last three years. These amount to around 465 MW from 2020 to 2022, UKA says. Of this, 133 MW is attributable to the 2022 bidding rounds.

UKA Managing Director/COO Ralf Breuer: "Our projects under construction and awaiting approval serve to secure our business today. The project pipeline is our future. So we're very pleased that our business acquisition campaign last year was extremely successful." UKA sees one reason for its success in its regional strategy.

With its four major branches "North", "West", "Central Germany" and "South-East", as well as ten other regional branches and offices, the company has significantly expanded its local presence and strengthened its customer proximity. As a result, UKA is also able to intensify local cooperation with municipal utilities, industrial companies, communities, as well as farms and agribusiness.

In parallel with the growth in the German domestic market, UKA is also expanding its business activities abroad. The international branches in the USA, Chile and Iberian Peninsula have been joined by a further location in Szczecin, Poland, in Q4 2022. UKA sees great potential in Poland for the expansion of wind energy and photovoltaics. Especially after relaxing its setback distance requirements for wind turbines Poland has once again become an interesting market for onshore wind energy development.

Source: IWR Online, 26 Jan 2023