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Record Year: Sunotec Builds Solar Parks With an Output of 2,300 MW

Sofia, Munich - Sunotec, a company specialised in the construction of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, built projects with a capacity of around 2,300 megawatts peak (2.3 GWp) in the last year 2022. In total, Sunotec connected more than 70 solar parks in Europe to the grid in the most successful year in the company's history.

Whether an even greater increase in the number of installed gigawatts will be achieved in 2023 depends on factors such as supply chains and approval procedures, says CEO Bernhard Suchland. "But we are very positive about our prospects and, moreover, highly motivated after last year’s results.” The first solar parks to be completed in 2023 include Doellen, Germany (91 MWp), Bubney, United Kingdom (40.4 MWp), Groot Roodehaan, The Netherlands (33.3 MWp). Numerous others are under construction.

"With the total capacity installed by the industry last year, the world has taken another big step towards green energy security," Suchland continues. Nevertheless, this can only be a beginning, he added. "The Federal Network Agency recently asserted that, for Germany alone, we need to bring an additional 1.5 gigawatts of solar power online every month if we want to meet the national government’s target of 215 gigawatts by 2030. We can only achieve this if we massively increase roll-out in all types of installations," Suchland adds.

Sunotec says it is Europe's market leader in the construction of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Munich, Germany, and currently employs more than 1,000 people.

Source: IWR Online, 30 Jan 2023