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Optimization of Wind And Solar Projects: 4 Cast Launches New Service For Advanced Long-term Yield Forecasts

Potsdam, Germany - When planning wind and solar energy projects, yield estimates are of great importance for planners and project developers with regard to the economic viability of the projects. However, evaluating different turbine and farm configurations as part of the planning process can be a lengthy process.

This is where the new offer from 4 Cast GmbH & Co. KG, which specializes in yield forecasts, to create automated analyses comes in. A key advantage is the automation of time-consuming calculation steps, which effectively shortens the assessment periods for yield forecasts. While analysis times of 42 days or more are currently common due to the continuously increasing demand in the market, 4 Cast delivers the required results within 5-8 working days, according to the company.

In addition, the holistic consideration of structural and site-related factors, which takes into account parameters such as shading effects as well as the park layout, leads to precise forecasts that serve as a reliable basis for investment decisions, according to 4 Cast. The accuracy of the results achieved is the result of a thorough analysis of data such as terrain characteristics, meteorological parameters and specific site characteristics.

In addition to the main functions of the long-term yield forecasts, 4 Cast's new offering includes other additional services that support strategic project planning. For example, the calculations provide historical time series of energy yields, including from reanalysis data, which can be used for a comprehensive assessment of energy production over longer periods of time. According to the company, 4 Cast's approach also makes it possible to estimate yield losses that arise for existing turbines during expansions or repowering.

“Efficiency and precision are key factors for the planning and long-term success of wind energy projects. With our new solution, we support our customers in achieving these goals faster and optimizing their yield forecasts according to the latest scientific standards,” says Sascha Bauer, CEO of 4 Cast GmbH & Co. KG.

Source: IWR Online, 21 May 2024