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Turnaround In Transportation: Ballard Power Presents New High-Performance Fuel Cell Drive For Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles

Vancouver, Canada / Las Vegas, USA - While battery-powered electric vehicles are setting the trend for passenger cars, fuel cells are leading the way for commercial vehicles.

Ballard Power is now presenting its new high-performance fuel cell engine for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo (May 20 - 23, 2024) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

According to the RENIXX Group, the ninth generation of the FCmove®-XD fuel cell engine offers significant improvements in terms of reliability, durability, efficiency, power density, scalability, ease of maintenance and total cost of ownership.

The scalable 120 kW fuel cell engine integrates, among other things, a regulated DC/DC output so that up to three modules can be operated as one system with a single interface, delivering a combined emission-free output of 360 kW. With a service life of more than 30,000 hours of operation - or more than one million miles of truck operation on typical duty cycles - the FCmove® XD motor is designed to provide class-leading durability and low total cost of ownership, Ballard Power emphasizes.

“The power and performance requirements of the highly-segmented truck market are particularly demanding due to various use cases, including high vehicle utilization rates and payload requirements. One of the compelling features of our new FCmove®-XD is scalability based on modularity. We can offer customers efficient integration of 120 kW, 240 kW, and 360 kW solutions dependent on truck class, use case, and duty cycle,” says Silvano Pozzi, Vice President, Product Line Management about the further development. For example, two engines with a total output of 240 kW can be easily installed in the engine compartment of a typical Class 8 heavy-duty truck, which improves standardization and redundancy.

“We are laser focused on strengthening the economic value proposition for heavy-dutyBallard FCmove XD mobility customers. With the unveiling of our 9th generation of fuel cell engine - the FCmove®-XD - we continue to push the boundaries and are once again raising the bar and re-setting the industry standard for PEM fuel cell engine performance.,” adds Mircea Gradu, Ballard's Chief Engineering Officer.

Ballard plans to initially manufacture the FCmove®-XD at its Oregon facility, which will enable Buy America compliance beginning in 2025. Future high-volume manufacturing is planned to take place at Ballard Rockwall Giga 1, Ballard's recently announced 3-gigawatt gigafactory to be built in Rockwall, Texas.

The Ballard Power share cannot benefit today. The share price is currently down 1.06 percent at EUR 2.797 (15:42, 21.05.2024, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 21 May 2024