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IQ Battery 5P: Enphase Expands Activities in The Mexican Solar And Storage Market

Fremont, USA - Enphase Energy Inc., a provider of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, has begun shipping its most powerful residential battery system to date, the IQ Battery 5P, to the Mexican market.

The battery, which has a modular design based on units with a capacity of 5 kWh, can be combined with Enphase's new IQ8 microinverters to provide power to homeowners. The range of possible configurations of the IQ Battery 5P covers a spectrum from 5 to 60 kWh. The battery offers significantly more power, robust wired communication and improved commissioning. Homeowners can also use the Enphase® app to monitor performance and intelligently manage their battery systems, including the self-consumption feature that helps minimize consumption of electricity from the grid.

“ Our customer base is growing as clean energy continues to gain traction in Mexico. As the energy transition continues, Enphase continues to provide the hardware systems and software platforms we need to speed the pace of installations and meet demand, safely and securely,” said Diego Palacios, CEO of Lifestyle Energy, an installer of Enphase products in Mexico.

Enphase expects to introduce a more advanced energy management software for its solar and battery systems in 2024 as Mexico continues its rapid transition to electrification with electric vehicles, heat pumps etc. The Enphase System software can help manage this complexity by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast and optimize household energy demand, Enphase points out.

The Enphase share price has risen slightly so far in today's trading and is currently trading at EUR 115.36, up 0.7%.

Source: IWR Online, 28 May 2024