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Notus Energy Launches Pilot Solar Farm in Mexico

Potsdam, Germany - The use of solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive in Mexico thanks to high solar irradiation and lower module prices. Notus Energy and Goldbeck Solar have now successfully connected the first solar park Autódromo 1 to the grid.

The Mexican photovoltaic market has experienced a strong boost in recent years. In 2019, total installed capacity climbed more than 60 percent to 5,000 MW of solar capacity, according to a report by Energía Limpia XXI. Notus Energy and Goldbeck Solar aim to benefit from this development in the future.

Solar market in Mexico - Notus Energy and Goldbeck launch pilot project

The solar park "Autódromo 1" with a capacity of 500 kW in Mexico is the pilot project of Notus Energy in Potsdam and Goldbeck Solar. The park went online on March 19, 2021 after a construction period of only two months. There is no state-guaranteed remuneration in Mexico; the solar power generated is sold directly via day-ahead trading on the Mexican electricity exchange. State-of-the-art solar technology with trackers and bifacial, monocrystalline panels ensure a high annual electricity yield, Notus Energy said. „For Notus, the "Autódromo 1" solar farm is an important pilot project in a country where we see good prospects for the construction of further solar plants and wind farms", said Heiner Röger, managing director of independent power producer Notus Energy.

High solar irradiation in Mexico - space for another solar farm

The plant's electricity is sold directly on the Mexican power exchange by the energy trading company E2M Energy to Market (Mexico City). "Thanks to the excellent natural conditions for solar and wind in Mexico, renewables are already the cheapest form of power generation in Mexico", Röger explains. At more than 2,100 kWh/m2, solar radiation in the region exceeds the best locations in Europe.

The solar park in the municipality of Villa de Zaragoza is located right next to a car race track - hence the name "Autódromo". There is space for a second solar park at the site, according to Notus Energy. The nearest city is San Luis Potosí, about 350 kilometers north of Mexico City. The Bajio region is also known as the location of many companies in the automotive and aviation industries.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Apr 2021