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News of the Renewable Energy Industry

Nordex Group Continues Series Of Orders

06 Dec 2021 10:50 | Hamburg, Germany - Following the mega order for 377 megawatts (MW) from Brazil, wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has received another major order for a Texas wind farm with a total capacity of 300 MW. Nordex will also be supplying 12 turbines with a total capacity of 50 MW for a Scottish wind farm on which infrastructure work is already underway. read more...

Order Boom: Nordex Awarded Another Major Project In Brazil

01 Dec 2021 17:21 | Hamburg, Germany - Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is continuing its series of orders with a major contract from Brazil. The customer is the existing customer AES Brasil. read more...

Wind Market France: Start Of Construction For Further Energiequelle Wind Farm

30 Nov 2021 16:18 | Saint-Morand / France - Energiequelle GmbH has started the construction of the Saint Morand wind farm in France together with its French subsidiary P&T Technologie. read more...

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Renewable Stocks - RENIXX World Stock Index

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Press releases

Nordex Group receives order for 300 MW in the USA

03 Dec 2021 | • 67 N155/4.X turbines of the Delta4000 series intended for the El Sauz wind farm Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has secured an order for a total of approximately 300 MW for a wind project in the USA. The Nordex Group will supply 67 N155/4.X turbines for the El Sauz wind farm locat... read more...

Nordex Group receives order for 50 MW from Scotland

02 Dec 2021 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust (ORIT), managed by Octopus Renewables Limited, has commissioned the Nordex Group to supply twelve N133 turbines for the Cumberhead wind farm in Scotland. The turbines will each be operated in an optimised mode of 4.165 MW. The order ... read more...

Flemming Reinholdt Appointed new CEO at Green Wind Denmark

01 Dec 2021 | Berlin/Aarhus (renewablepress) - Flemming Reinholdt is the new CEO of Green Wind Denmark, a company in the Green Wind Group (Berlin). The 52-year-old Dane has been working in the wind industry – onshore and off-shore – for more than 25 years, and lives in Aarhus, where the Danish branch is based. ... read more...

Power generation in Europe (MW)

Timezone: Europe/Berlin

European Grid Status - Renewable Energy
Data from 06/12/2021 (25 countries)

European Grid Status - Conventional Energy
Data from 06/12/2021 (25 countries)

European Grid Status
renewable / conventional
Data from 06/12/2021 (25 countries)

Current Grid Status Renewables - Europe

  1. Spain 21 111 MW
  2. Germany 17 559 MW
  3. France 15 532 MW
  4. Sweden 13 576 MW
  5. Italy 10 995 MW
  6. Finland 4 081 MW
  7. Austria 3 781 MW
  8. Denmark 3 386 MW
  9. Belgium 3 326 MW
  10. Greece 2 856 MW
Date: 06/12/2021 15:00, Europe / Berlin
Source: © IWR 2021, Data: ENTSO-E

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The development of renewable energies continuously proceeds in more and more countries. The number of newly installed wind- and solar power plants rapidly rises all around the world. With the renewable energy industry at the same time an economic sector with high growth rates develops across the globe. This “green industry” provides great opportunities and perspectives.

The website offers an introduction to international operating companies and stakeholders from the “green industry”, and to their offerings, products and range of services. In addition to industry stakeholders, a branch of research into renewable energies has developed steadily with the establishment of research facilities all over the world. Universities and educational institutions are offering new or expanded options for education and training in the domain of renewable energies.

An additional focus of the website is to highlight the international development of renewable energies. The global stock Index RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), which comprises the world’s 30 largest companies listed on the stock exchange, reflects the global market development of the renewable energy industry. The calendar of events gives details of important trade fairs, events, seminars and conferences relating to renewable energies. Via the press service original press releases from the renewable energy can be subscribed. International Job opportunities in the renewable energy sector are presented in the Jobs Portal. 



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    Adwen GmbH

    Adwen – Advanced wind energy - is a 50/50 joint venture between AREVA and GAMESA, two global energy leaders. With a 2.8-GW pipeline, 5 MW and 8 MW turbines, and extensive capabilities in offshore wind, Adwen aims to achieve a 20% market share in Europe by 2020. Read More
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    BayWa r.e.

    BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, is responsible for the BayWa Group's renewable energy business. BayWa r.e. is based in Munich. It acts as a holding company for various business interests in the areas of solar energy, wind power, bio-energy and geothermal energy. Read More
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    IBC Solar

    For over twenty years, IBC has been a global leader in Solar PV Power. During this time, we have achieved considerable success and IBC is now considered a global solar power technology brand. Our particular specialty is the planning and projecting of solar energy systems throughout the world that are ready for operation. Read More
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