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News of the Renewable Energy Industry

660 MW Wind Power Capacity: RWE Awards Vestas a Firm Contract For The Offshore Wind Project Nordseecluster A in Germany

14 Jun 2024 13:08 | Aarhus, Denmark - The Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has received a firm order to supply offshore wind turbines for RWE's Nordseecluster A project. read more...

Intersolar Europe 2024: How About Some More?

13 Jun 2024 14:49 | Munich, Germany - The German government’s goal is to have an equal share of large-scale power plants and roof-mounted systems. In 2023, the large-scale ground-mounted segment was able to increase by 45 percent. With the adoption of Solar Package I, this segment will continue to grow. The package of measures aims to reduce the red tape associated with solar deployment in order to achieve an annual growth of 22 gigawatt peak from 2026. read more...

Over 5 GW Wind Power Capacity - Nordex on The Road to Success in The Nordic Countries

13 Jun 2024 14:46 | Hamburg, Germany - The wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has exceeded the 5 GW threshold (5,000 MW) of installed wind power capacity in the Nordic countries. A total of 1,234 "Made by Nordex" turbines are now in operation in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, producing clean electricity for two million households, Nordex announced. read more...

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Renewable Stocks - RENIXX World Stock Index

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Renixx historical data

Press releases

Nordex exceeds 5 GW threshold for installations in the Nordics

13 Jun 2024 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - With the installation of a N163/5.X turbine at the Kalistanneva wind farm in Finland, the Nordex Group has now exceeded the 5 GW threshold of installed capacity in the Nordic region. A total of 1,234 turbines "Made by Nordex" are currently in operation in Denmark, Finland,... read more...

Qualitas Energy accelerates the energy transition with the acquisition of a 36 MW wind energy project in Brandenburg, Germany

11 Jun 2024 | • The wind farm will be repowered to reach a final installed capacity of 36 MW • Partnership-based cooperation with local residents and communities creates a strong foundation for sustainable and long-term successful energy projects • The environmentally friendly wind energy generated at the Brand... read more...

SIG secures debt facility for 2 GWp Solar PV pipeline in Poland

11 Jun 2024 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Sun Investment Group (“SIG”), a vertically integrated European renewable energy group, has successfully secured a debt facility to support its pipeline of mid to late-stage solar PV projects in Poland with a total capacity of 1,970 MWp. The facility was entirely ... read more...

Power generation in Europe (MW)

Timezone: Europe/berlin

European Grid Status - Renewable Energy
Data from 14/06/2024 (25 countries)

European Grid Status - Conventional Energy
Data from 14/06/2024 (25 countries)

European Grid Status
renewable / conventional
Data from 14/06/2024 (25 countries)

Current Grid Status Renewables - Europe

  1. Spain 26 460 MW
  2. Germany 25 727 MW
  3. France 20 928 MW
  4. Italy 14 320 MW
  5. Sweden 10 019 MW
  6. Austria 7 374 MW
  7. Portugal 4 356 MW
  8. Finland 3 935 MW
  9. Romania 3 633 MW
  10. Denmark 2 816 MW
Date: 14/06/2024 19:00, Europe / Berlin
Source: © IWR 2024, Data: ENTSO-E

Renewables in Europe - Records - All Time Highs

Source Record 2024 All Time High
[MW] [Date] [MW] [Date]
Wind energy total 125 742 22.01.2024 127 138 22.12.2023
Onshore 114 209 22.01.2024 115 807 22.12.2023
Offshore 15 189 09.02.2024 15 189 09.02.2024
Solar 70 843 28.01.2024 112 497 07.07.2023
Hydropower 59 206 25.01.2024 201 493 14.09.2022
Bioenergy 9 683 13.02.2024 10 642 02.02.2023
Geothermal 659 16.02.2024 717 07.02.2020
Total 212 365 22.01.2024 246 299 14.09.2022
Source: © IWR 2024, Data: ENTSO-E

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The development of renewable energies continuously proceeds in more and more countries. The number of newly installed wind- and solar power plants rapidly rises all around the world. With the renewable energy industry at the same time an economic sector with high growth rates develops across the globe. This “green industry” provides great opportunities and perspectives.

The website offers an introduction to international operating companies and stakeholders from the “green industry”, and to their offerings, products and range of services. In addition to industry stakeholders, a branch of research into renewable energies has developed steadily with the establishment of research facilities all over the world. Universities and educational institutions are offering new or expanded options for education and training in the domain of renewable energies.

An additional focus of the website is to highlight the international development of renewable energies. The global stock Index RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), which comprises the world’s 30 largest companies listed on the stock exchange, reflects the global market development of the renewable energy industry. The calendar of events gives details of important trade fairs, events, seminars and conferences relating to renewable energies. Via the press service original press releases from the renewable energy can be subscribed. International Job opportunities in the renewable energy sector are presented in the Jobs Portal.