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Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH

Rodheimer Straße 59
35452 Heuchelheim
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Company Profile

The Schunk Group is a globally-active technology company with more than 60 operative companies and around 8,050 employees in 29 countries. Specializing in system and material technology, the group of companies offers a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulations and climate technology, sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding. The Schunk Group has an annual turnover of more than 988 million Euros (2014).

The company was founded by Ludwig Schunk and Karl Ebe in 1913 in Fulda,Germany, to manufacture carbon brushes. There were 60 employees in 1918 when the company moved to Heuchelheim, near Gießen, Germany. Expansion of the company continued in the following years.

About 4,000 personnel are employed in Germany 9 locations.

Schunk supplies a comprehensive range of carbon brushes, carbon brush holders, slip rings and earthing and lightening protection systems to increase the efficiency and performance of wind power systems. Slip ring systems represent a particular technical innovation, these being used to equip asynchronous generators employed to handle higher power requirements. This development is distinguished by improved current transmission achieved through the sliding contact and a considerable reduction in wear. This means that maintenance intervals are extended by up to two years.

Schunk has been developing and manufacturing top quality products in the areas of motor and contact technology for industrial uses for more than 90 years. In addition to other applications, Schunk Industrietechnik provides a comprehensive range of quality carbon brushes, numerous types of carbon brush holders, brush rockers, small current collector strips and current transmission elements used in:
Wind power systems, the automotive industry, the electrical motor industry, space technology, aviation techn

Business Sectors

The Business Units of Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH: - Tribology - Hightemperature Applications - Small Motor Technology - Railway - Industry - Automotive

Products and Services

Carbon Brushes, Carbon Brush Holders, Brush Rockers, Electroplating Contacts, Flexible Current Connections, Insulations, End Caps and Sliding Strips.

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