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New Wind Turbine: Nordex Enters The 6 MW Power Class

Hamburg, Germany - Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is again extending its product portfolio. Following the scheduled installation of the first 5 MW turbine of the N163/5.X type, the new sister model can achieve a significantly higher rated output.

Nordex 6 MW turbine: more powerful gearbox

With the new Nordex model N163/6.X it is possible to generate up to seven percent higher annual energy yields thanks to the significantly increased rated power. Due to the high flexibility and variety of power modes, wind farms can be individually and thus optimally adapted to the respective business model of the customer in terms of output, capacity factor, service life and sound emission requirements. The turbine has a design lifetime of 25 years, but also comes with an extended lifetime for specific sites for up to 35 years, Nordex announced.

In order to achieve the increased rated power in the 6 MW range, a more powerful gearbox will be used and the electrical system of the Delta4000 product series will be adapted by raising the rated voltage and improving cooling. A reinforced version of the N163/5.X's approx. 80-metre rotor blade is also used. Due to a lower speed, the noise emission values of the N163/6.X are a maximum of 106.4 dB(A).

Launch of the N163/6.X planned for early 2023

The Delta4000 series currently comprises three models in the 4 MW segment (N133/4.8, N139/4.X and N155/4.X), as well as three models (N149/5.X, N155.5.X and N163/5.X) in the 5 MW segment. This will be followed by the new N163/6.X in the 6 MW class.

José Luis Blanco, CEO of the Nordex Group: "Our turbines in the Delta4000 series are based on a standard technical platform. Consistent modularisation means that type-specific components, such as rotor blades or gearboxes, can be adapted for different variants. The N163/6.X is yet another example of how highly efficient solutions that have proved successful in practice can be specifically implemented for special geographic regions."

5 MW class: Nordex erects first N163/5.X wind turbine

On 31 August 2021, Nordex had installed the first 5 MW N163/5.X turbine at the "Janneby" civic wind farm as scheduled. Nordex has already received orders for 520 turbines with a capacity of around 3.0 GW for the N163/5.X turbine type, according to the wind turbine manufacturer. In the coming months the requisite power and sound measurements as well as validation of mechanical loads will be carried out on the N163/5.X turbine with a hub height of 118 metres in Janneby.

José Luis Blanco, CEO of Nordex Group: "We launched the N163/5.X in 2019. Now we have installed the first turbine as planned and series production is ready to start. To date we already have orders for the N163/5.X for 520 turbines with a capacity of approx. 3.0 GW from numerous customers for projects in Australia, Brazil, the Nordic region, Germany and Italy."

Source: IWR Online, 27 Sep 2021