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Successful Premiere: Nordex Extends Turbine Portfolio By 6 MW Class

Hamburg, Germany - The trend towards more powerful wind turbines has continued unabated for years. Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has now installed the first wind turbine in its Delta4000 series with a capacity of 6 MW.

It was only in September 2021 that Nordex announced its entry into the new generation of turbines in the 6 MW class for onshore wind turbines. Now Nordex announces the installation of the world's first N163/6.X turbine in the Netherlands as scheduled.

Zeebiestocht wind farm with Nordex 6 MW class turbines

Nordex is building a wind farm with 15 turbines of the latest turbine variant in the Dutch town of Olsterwind in Flevoland province. The installation of the premium turbine with a capacity of 6 MW took place on May 18, 2022, Nordex announced. "We are pleased that we are right on schedule with the introduction and installation of our turbines in the 6 MW+ class. Like its sister model, the N163/5.X, the N163/6.X is designed for moderate and light-wind regions but focusses on selected core markets in Europe", said José Luis Blanco, CEO of Nordex Group.

In the following months, the N163/6.X turbine in Zeebiestocht will undergo the necessary power and acoustic measurements and validation of mechanical loads for IEC type certification.

Start of series production in early 2023

Series production of the N163/6.X is scheduled for the beginning of 2023. The Nordex Group has already received orders for more than 500 MW for this turbine type, including for the 380 MW Pjelax-Böle-Kristinestad Norr wind farm cluster in Finland and the orders for the two wind farms in the Netherlands totalling 102 MW.

With its approx. 80-metre rotor blades and a rotor swept area of 20,867 square metres, the sound emission level of the N163/6.X is 106.4 dB(A) which is despite the higher rating lower compared to its sister model N163/5.X. Different tower variants depending on the market, with a height of up to 164 metres, a cold climate version and the Advanced Anti-Icing-System for rotor blades are also options for the N163/6.X.

Source: IWR Online, 20 May 2022