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GreenGo Energy Invests 8 Billion Euros in Danish Energy Park Megaton

Vedbæk, Denmark - The Danish GreenGo Energy Group is cooperating with the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjernj to develop one of the world's largest fully integrated energy parks. In addition to wind and solar plants, an electrolysis plant is also planned. The energy park is to be operational by 2030.

In the future, Denmark wants to position itself as a pioneer of the new P2X industry and the hydrogen economy. The Megaton energy park with 4 GW of wind and solar power and 2 GW of electrolysis is to become a new Danish milestone. The investment volume is 8 billion euros.

Wind and solar energy: 4 GW onshore and offshore capacity for the Megaton Energy Park

A key prerequisite for competitive P2X projects, besides the need for significant scaling, is that renewable energy is available in sufficient quantities and evenly distributed throughout the year so that electrolysis runs optimally with a high constant capacity factor. According to GreenGo Energy, this requires the right combination of solar and wind energy. The site in the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern benefits from complementary solar and wind generation profiles, so that generation can be balanced to keep the Megaton electrolysis running optimally all year round.

The 4 GW solar and wind projects will produce 11.5 TWh of green electricity annually - equivalent to more than 30 per cent of Denmark's current total electricity consumption. More than 85 per cent is expected to be consumed directly at Megaton Energy Park. Karsten Nielsen, CEO of GreenGo Energy: "With the Megaton project and the development of one of the world's largest energy parks in Western Jutland, we will once again put Denmark on the world map as a leader in the transition to 100% green power and the green fuels that are necessary to achieve the global climate goals towards 2050."

Value creation: 300 - 500 permanent local jobs

The Megaton project is expected to create 300 - 500 permanent local jobs. In addition, some of the surplus heat of more than 1 TWh (billion kWh) can be fed into the local district heating system, which can be expanded. Surplus heat and green electricity from the portfolio of new wind and solar farms on land and water will also be used for new industries such as greenhouses and vertical farming on the designated industrial estate directly south of the energy park.

Stovstrup substation - hub for green electricity and hydrogen

For some time now, GreenGo Energy has been working closely with landowners and neighbours of the 350-hectare site next to the future 400 kV Stovstrup substation east of Tarm.

Anders Heine Jensen, Director of P2X and Offshore Wind at GreenGo Energy: " The location at the Stovstrup substation is ideal as an existing hub for power transmission with the 400kV expansion, but also in light of the planned hydrogen pipeline to Europe, which is under development and is planned to be established by 2030. There are also ample amounts of wastewater available at Tarm. Water is often a scarce resource at major P2X plants both in Denmark and internationally. When using wastewater, the concept only becomes more circular."

Source: IWR Online, 02 Feb 2023