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Qualitas Energy Raises 2.4 Billion Euros For Renewable Energy Projects With Lead Fund

Berlin, Germany - The investment platform Qualitas Energy focuses on investments in renewable energies, the energy transition and sustainable infrastructures. The company has now announced the final investment volume for its latest fund Q-Energy Fund V (QE V).

Qualitas Energy, which is based in Spain and also has a presence in Germany, has raised EUR 2.4 billion in funding for new projects through its latest financial vehicle, Q-Energy Fund V, significantly more than expected. The investors come from more than 30 nations.

Qualitas Energy: more than 800 investors have participated in the latest fund

The new flagship, the "Q-Energy Fund V", was significantly oversubscribed at almost 2.4 billion euros. The original target size was EUR 1.6 billion and the hard upper limit was EUR 2.3 billion. QE V is thus one of the largest funds for renewable energies in Europe and the largest private market fund in Spain, where the company began operations in 2006. By comparison, the first Q-Energy Fund I from 2006 achieved a volume of EUR 214 million.

More than 800 investors from all over the world have participated in the fund, the company announced. The more than 30 new institutional investors include pension and insurance funds, global consultants, university foundations and asset managers.

Qualitas Energy plans expansion to 6 GW in Germany

The fund's investment strategy targets renewable energy plants that are either in operation or under development. These include plants with repowering potential and other infrastructure projects for the energy transition, primarily in Europe. In Germany alone, Qualitas Energy plans to expand its portfolio to a capacity of over 6 GW over the next few years.

On the American continent, market entry for QE V will be facilitated by existing activities: In Chile, Qualitas Energy has already purchased a run-of-river power plant and a photovoltaic portfolio and opened a branch office in Santiago.

EUR 11 billion invested in the energy transition to date

Since the company was founded, Qualitas Energy has invested over 11 billion euros in the energy transition. Iñigo Olaguibel, founding partner and CEO of Qualitas Energy: "We take great pride in successfully concluding one of the largest investment funds focused solely on renewable assets in Europe, and the largest ever private capital funds in Spain’s history. This achievement stands as a remarkable milestone not only for our company, but also for the global community, enabling us to expedite the transition towards sustainable energy solutions."

Qualitas Energy currently manages more than 5 GW of renewable energy assets in operation and under development, including more than 3 GW of wind energy, 1 GWp of photovoltaics, 242 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 180 MW of biogas, 120 MW of battery storage and 60 MW of hydropower in Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland and Chile.

Source: IWR Online, 07 Nov 2023