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BOREAS Energietechnik takes over asset management of four Ventient Energy wind farms in southern Brandenburg

Example image of a V90<br />
© BOREAS Energie GmbH, Jan Oelker
Example image of a V90
© BOREAS Energie GmbH, Jan Oelker
Dresden (renewablepress) - In November, BOREAS Energietechnik took over the technical and commercial asset management of a fourth wind farm in a 28 MW portfolio owned by Ventient Energy. The agreed scope of services includes a complete package, starting with monitoring by the control centre and the complete maintenance management, responsibility for the electrical system as well as revenue sharing and lease accounting.

BOREAS Energietechnik 2021 was awarded the contract for the four wind farms with 14 Vestas V90 wind turbines in southern Brandenburg following the win of the tender in 2021. With 22 years of experience, a closely interlinked technical and commercial management process, and a large Vestas portfolio under operation, BOREAS Energietechnik was able to convince in the tendering process. The management of the first two parks started in January 2022, and the remaining 11 wind turbines followed in summer and in November.

Matthias Sander, Head of Asset Management for Ventient Energy in Germany said, „BOREAS has extensive asset management experience, particularly on Vestas turbines, so we know that our Brandenburg portfolio is in safe hands and will continue to operate at the optimum levels producing clean, renewable energy for the surrounding communities“.

About BOREAS Energietechnik:

Wind power and photovoltaics are the twins of the energy transition - if they are ready for operation. BOREAS Energietechnik ensures operational reliability. We monitor and maintain wind and solar installations, provide on-call service for emergencies, and take over the management of all reports, tests, and assets as well as their commercial operation. This is how we guarantee the economic profitability of each installation and its legally compliant technical operation. We are your companion for a green future.

As a member of the BWE operator committee, BOREAS Energietechnik stands for high-quality standards.

About Ventient Energy:

Ventient Energy is a dynamic, pan-European renewable energy business and the largest independent generator of onshore wind energy in Europe. It currently owns and operates onshore wind farms in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, with a total installed capacity of 2.8GW.

Ventient’s portfolio has grown quickly since its formation in 2017. The business focuses on sustainable growth that provides long term returns to their pension fund shareholders and generates renewable energy to help secure the future of people and the planet.

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Caption: Example image of a V90
© BOREAS Energie GmbH, Jan Oelker

Dresden, 29 November 2022

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