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Nordex Group receives 264 MW order from Lithuania

©  Nordex SE
© Nordex SE
Hamburg (renewablepress) - UAB Renerga, the leading developer of wind energy projects in Lithuania and a company of the Achema Group, contracted the Nordex Group to supply 40 N163/6.X turbines. The Delta4000 series turbines are projected for the 264 MW Pagegiai wind farm project in the west of the country. The contract also includes a Premium Service contract.

The infrastructure works are scheduled to start in June 2024, with the delivery and installation of the turbines scheduled to start in spring 2025. The Nordex Group will install the turbines on tubular steel towers – 29 with hub heights of 118 metres and 11 with hub heights of 113 metres. The completion of the wind farm is expected in 2026.

Lidija Lubiene, Chairman of the Board of the Achema Group: “Renerga is the founder of renewable energy in Lithuania. The Pag?giai project is an important continuation of our strong traditions and commitments to renewables. We believe that this project is a very significant step forward both for our renewables group as well as the Lithuania’s renewable energy goals in general.”

Mindaugas Juodis, CEO of Renerga, says: “We would firstly like to sincerely thank all our partners for the smooth and efficient cooperation in the development of the Pag?giai wind farm. This project solidifies Renerga as the leading renewables developer in Lithuania. We expect to continue to expand our renewables portfolio going forward as has been the case from the very start of Renerga’s history in 1998.”

Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group, says: "We are very proud to be working with UAB Renerga for the first time, especially on this 264 MW large-scale Pagegiai project. We see the supply contract as the starting point of a powerful cooperation between both groups.”

Including this new order, as of today the Nordex Group has sold more than 850 MW since 2015 in Lithuania. Hereof 460 MW are currently under construction.

About the Achema Group

UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUP? is one of the largest business groups in Lithuania with 40 companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Croatia. The company operates in the fields of fertilizer production, agribusiness, handling and logistics, energy, as well as developing other businesses. UAB Renerga is part of the Achema Group.

About the Nordex Group

The Group has installed around 50 GW of wind power capacity in over 40 markets in its corporate history and generated consolidated sales of around EUR 6.5 billion in 2023. The Company currently has more than 10,000 employees. The Group’s manufacturing network includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, USA (mothballed) and Mexico. Its product portfolio is focused on onshore turbines in the 4 to 6 MW+ classes which are designed to meet the market requirements of countries with limited available space and regions with limited grid capacity.

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Hamburg, 28 March 2024

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