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Green Stocks On the Rise: RENIXX World Gains 58 Percent in 2019

Münster, Germany - After years of stagnation, the renewable energy industrial index RENIXX World ended 2019 with significant gains. Within a year, the renewable energy stock market barometer rose to its highest year-end level since 2009. In 2019, the global stock index for renewables closed at 58.2 percent (672.44 points) higher than the previous year's closing value (2018: 424.93 points).

In 2019, stocks in solar and fuel cell system businesses were by far the best performers. Among the RENIXX-quoted solar power firms, Enphase Energy took first place ahead of Solaredge, Jinkosolar, SMA Solar and Xinji Solar; the value of these stocks alone registered a gain of more than 100 percent within a 12-month period. The fuel cell stocks in Ballard Power and Plug Power were also trading at twice the value quoted at the start of the year. In the case of wind energy-related stocks, those in Nordex, with a gain of 60 percent, outperformed those of Siemens Gamesa and Vestas. "The scope of the global upturn in green stock in 2019 was remarkable - only two of the 30 stocks quoted by RENIXX World suffered losses last year," points out Dr. Norbert Allnoch, the Director of IWR.

The main cause of the upswing of the RENIXX World green market barometer is the growing worldwide concern about climate change coupled with sinking costs of energy generation using solar and wind power. "Currently apparent is an increasing global trend towards green investments. Even businesses in the conventional oil and gas industries are beginning to show interest in the global energy transition to ensure that they don't miss the boat when it comes to the transformation process in their own sectors", Allnoch added.

RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), ISIN: DE000RENX014, is the first global stock index to register the performance of 30 of the worlds’ leading listed companies in the pioneering field of renewable energies. Inclusion and weighting in the RENIXX is governed by free-float market capitalisation. RENIXX World can also be accessed world-wide via the international financial-information providers Reuters and Bloomberg.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Jan 2020