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Juwi and Pellucere Start Cooperation for Optimization of PV Portfolio

Houston, USA / Wörrstadt, Germany - Over time, solar modules lose part of their performance due to degradation. Retrofitting anti-reflective coatings can compensate for these performance losses. This has been demonstrated by experiences with the MoreSun system from Pellucere, which Juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH (Juwi O&M) will be retrofitting in the future as part of a long-term cooperation agreement.

Juwi O&M and Pellucere Technologies will in future jointly market the MoreSun anti-reflective coating developed by Pellucere for solar modules in Germany and provide turnkey coatings to customers of Juwi O&M. The cooperation was preceded by a market comparison of various anti-reflective coatings over a period of one and a half years. According to Juwi, the decisive factors for MoreSun were best-in-class anti-refection performance, durability, and anti-soiling properties. "We are excited to offer the MoreSun coating to our Operations & Maintenance portfolio clients for use on their utility scale solar plants ", said Jörg Grinsch, Head of Sales & Key Account Management at Juwi O&M.

MoreSun was designed by Pellucere Technologies for retrofit on-site coating in large solar parks where older PV modules without factory installed anti-reflective coating were installed. The MoreSun coating reduces reflective losses on PV modules and increases the energy yield of solar systems between 3.5 and over 4.2 percent. The Talus Dirt Rejection Technology DRT antipollution technology, which is always integrated into MoreSun, reduces module soiling by up to 90 percent and thus additionally increases the energy production from the solar system, Juwi said about the system.

Juwi anticipates, that the investment of plant owners in the MoreSun coating will be paid back in as little as 2-3 years. “Pellucere’s Guaranteed Payback Performance Warranty removes any risk for clients,” Grinsch added. As Juwi point out, all installations of MoreSun are backed by Pellucere’s “Zero-Risk Performance Warranty” which guarantees that clients will generate additional revenue of at least 100% of the installed cost within the warranty period.

Source: IWR Online, 09 Mar 2020