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Nordex Group: First 5 MW Turbine Installed as Planned

Hamburg - On 8 September the Nordex Group installed the first N149/5.X turbine in the Genshagener Heide wind farm near Potsdam, Germany. In spring 2019 the Nordex Group had opened the market segment for 5 MW turbines with this turbine type.

This month the first N149/5.X will start operation on schedule. Following the installation of the turbine, preparation commences for the measuring and validation programme for the type certification of the N149/5.X.

With mean wind speeds 6.4 m/s at the hub height of 105 metres the site offers good conditions for measuring the 5.7 MW turbine. In addition to the power curve, the Nordex Group will be validating the sound power level and grid compatibility of the turbine on the basis of the measurements recorded in the field. This means that for the start of the series production in 2021 the turbine will be fully certified, including the type certificate. To date the Nordex Group has already received orders for 800 MW for the N149/5.X since its launch last year.

As part of the regular validation and certification process for its Delta4000 series turbines, Nordex also replaced the first gear units of two N149/4.0-4.5 turbines in Wennerstorf, Lower Saxony. The turbines erected at this location in 2018 are the world's first Delta4000 turbines of this model. Nordex's aim is to carry out a detailed condition assessment after a period of 15 and 24 months. In this way, Nordex is able to ensure the theoretically determined reliability. In addition, findings from the operation of the gear units to date can be incorporated at an early stage in the series production and further development of wind turbines with a rated output of more than 4 MW.

In addition, the Nordex Group receives relevant information for confirming the gear unit design and optimizing maintenance. According to Nordex, the drive train is designed in such a way that gearboxes from different manufacturers can be installed. These planned gear exchanges will allow the Nordex Group to install gears from different manufacturers and to test and compare their behavior and performance in real operation.

At the Wennerstorf wind farm, the first gear unit of one turbine was replaced as planned in February 2020, while the second of the neighboring turbine was replaced in September as planned.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Sep 2020