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Kaiserwetter Adds Global Action Team of Experts to its Asset Management

Hamburg, Germany - Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH is expanding its services in the area of operational management with a Global Action Force, which supports investors with technical and operational problems of their renewable energy plants (RE plants). The team combines highly specialised technical expertise with AI-based data analysis and is active around the globe.

For operators of renewable energy generation plants, the effort required to ensure smooth operation increases with the number, age and mix of plants. While new renewable energy plants meet the current technological requirements, older plants are more susceptible to service and maintenance. This leads to higher capital expenditure and rising operating expenses for lower revenues.

Against this background, the German Intellitech company Kaiserwetter has set up a Global Action Force under the umbrella of its operational management brand ZULU. In addition to asset management packages and consulting services tailored to the individual needs of its customers, this now provides a team of highly specialised engineers and technicians who are deployed worldwide to solve problems of various renewable energy plants. In doing so, the data intelligence developed by Kaiserwetter in recent years enables the Global Action Force to detect and identify problems using comprehensive data analytics. Based on these findings, Kaiserwetter then offers technical solutions that not only solve the problem, but also optimize the asset as a whole, Kaiserwetter says.

"The energy transition and, even more so, climate protection is above everything an innovation and investment program of historic dimensions. It is our mission to accelerate these investments by adding a new quality of intelligence: human intelligence based on long-lasting expertise with asset management in renewable energy, in combination with the best data analytics and AI can deliver in this field," says Dietrich Pals, Global Head Asset Management at Kaiserwetter. Following the self-commitment, Kaiserwetter thus creates a new quality of asset management and supports the customers in generating the maximum return, Pahls continues.

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is an IntelliTech company in the renewable energy industry. Kaiserwetter's product portfolio currently includes the cloud-based IoT & AI platform ARISTOTELES, which uses Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to help minimise investment risks, maximise returns and create maximum transparency. IRIS as Kaiserwetter's internet-based Analytics Machine enables a detailed status and potential analysis. This gives clients a quick insight into the current technical state of their assets. ZULU as the third digital module bundles Kaiserwetter's know-how in the field of technical and commercial asset management of wind and solar parks worldwide, including the world's first online service configurator, which enables clients to freely combine service modules of their renewable energy plants.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Nov 2020