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Wind Market France: Energiequelle Commissions Two More Wind Farms

Villers, Broons / France - The renewable project developer and operator Energiequelle GmbH from Zossen / Kallinchen in Germany, together with its French subsidiary P&T Technologie, has commissioned two more wind farms in France in recent weeks.

Within the scope of the two wind farm projects Villers-le-Tourneur and Broons/Biterne-Sud, a total of 11 wind turbines (WT) with a capacity of almost 30 megawatts (MW) have been built, bringing the total capacity installed by Energiequelle in France to over 200 MW..

The site of the first Villers-le-Tourneur wind farm is located in the Grand-Est region near the Belgian border. The project comprises five Nordex N-117 wind turbines, each with a hub height of 91 m and a total output of 15 MW, which are expected to supply almost 10,000 households with electricity per year in the future. The project was acquired from the pipeline of the Leipzig-based project developer Green Energy 3000 GmbH, which supported the construction project until the end.

The site of the second wind farm, Broons/Biterne-Sud, is located in in the department of Côtes d'Armor in north-eastern Brittany and received final modification approval in February 2019. The project consists of six Enercon E-92 wind turbines, four of which have a hub height of 104 m, while the other two have a height of 98 m due to an overall height limit imposed by air traffic control. The total output of the park is 14.1 MW. After commissioning the first construction phase with two WTGs in December 2020, the last four turbines are now in operation.

"Despite rescheduling and a variety of challenges during the development phase, the entire team has performed extremely well", says project manager Uta Kanira, pleased with the successful completion and punctual commissioning.

Energiequelle is looking forward to further development on the French market. With the start of construction work on the 9 MW Bourbriac wind farm with three Nordex turbines, the next project already began in April 2021. In August and October, construction is also due to start on two further parks with ten turbines and a total output of 30 MW.

Source: IWR Online, 11 Aug 2021