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Experienced Banker: Francesca Nuccioni Strengthens Capcora in The Energy & Infrastructure Sector

Frankfurt am Main, Germany - The consulting firm Capcora is strengthening its position in the energy and infrastructure sector. Francesca Nuccioni will be appointed Director Energy & Infrastructure as of September 2023. She brings more than 20 years of valuable experience from the banking sector to the company.

Francesca Nuccioni has been with various financial institutions, including Citigroup, Banque PSA Finance as well as Siemens Financial Services. Most recently, she served as Global Chief Risk Officer for a subsidiary of Munich-RE, which specialises in industrial IoT-based Equipment-as-a-Service financing solutions.

"We are excited to have Francesca, a seasoned infrastructure expert, join our team. The evolving landscapes of Italian and German M&A and project finance in the energy transition sector demand a fresh perspective. The anticipated growth in merchant solar and wind projects brings both challenges and opportunities. Francesca's expertise positions us to guide project developers, investors, initiators, and financial institutions with strategic insight to tackle these complexities", commented Alexander Kuhn and Jochen Magerfleisch, Managing Partners at Capcora.

Francesca Nuccion: " I am particularly delighted to join the Capcora team during this exciting period and contribute to the realization of the energy transition in my home markets of Germany and Italy.“

Source: IWR Online, 13 Sep 2023