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Growing AI Market: Bloom Energy And Quanta Computer Launch Fuel Cell Partnership - Bloom Share Ignites The Turbo

San Jose, USA - Bloom Energy, a US company specializing in electrolyzers and fuel cell systems, and Quanta Computer, a leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, are joining forces to power the fast-growing AI sector.

Quanta Computer manufactures a wide range of cutting-edge electronics for PC and cloud providers. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies reshape industries worldwide, Quanta's need to provide high-performance servers for AI computing is growing.

The partnership between Bloom Energy and Quanta grew out of a critical challenge Quanta faced in powering its planned manufacturing expansion in Fremont, California. The local utility stated that it would take several years to provide the electricity needed to operate the facility.

But because Quanta was committed to delivering products to its customers as quickly as possible to provide their AI infrastructure and services, the company needed a clean and affordable solution to provide reliable power in the short term.

Bloom Energy's power solution is a fully isolated microgrid that powers Quanta Computer's operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By utilizing Bloom Energy's modular microgrid solution, Quanta can bypass the lengthy delays and restrictions that would have resulted from the utility's catalog of requirements when connecting to the public grid and maintain its competitive advantage in the fast-paced Silicon Valley market.

"In an era where the AI boom is simultaneously driving unprecedented electricity demand and economic growth, Bloom Energy's fuel cell technology offers a scalable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional utility infrastructure that is unable to keep up," said Bloom Energy founder and CEO KR Sridhar.

According to Bloom Energy, the project not only covers Quanta's immediate energy requirements, but is also an example of a broader trend in the technology industry: with the increasing spread of AI-driven applications, the demand for power-intensive computing resources continues to rise. Bloom Energy's Energy Server fuel cell technology offers a scalable, rapidly deployable, combustion-free and flexible alternative to traditional power sources, enabling companies like Quanta to meet the evolving needs of the AI era, Bloom Energy said.

Bloom Energy's shares are at the top of the RENIXX this week. By Thursday evening, the Bloom Energy share price had risen by 19.6 percent to EUR 10.68 (closing price 02.05.2024, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 03 May 2024