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Hydrogen Production: Plug Power Reaches Electrolyser System Milestone

Slingerlands, USA - The US manufacturer of fuel cell and hydrogen technology Plug Power has taken stock of the status of its installations and commissioning of electrolysis systems worldwide.

To date, Plug Power electrolyser systems with a capacity of more than 95 MW are in operation at locations around the globe. This represents a new milestone for PEM electrolyser capacity in the hydrogen industry, according to Plug Power.

The electrolyser sites, which have produced a total of over 1,500 tonnes of hydrogen since installation, span multiple regions in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and India. The systems have a capacity ranging from 1 MW to 40 MW.

"This milestone represents a significant achievement for Plug, underscoring our leadership in delivering proven technology to meet the growing demand for hydrogen worldwide. eploying electrolyzer systems across multiple continents and producing over 1,500 metric tons of hydrogen, is a clear example that at Plug, we’re not just talking about the future of hydrogen - we’re actively building it today", said Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh.

The hydrogen produced by the Plug Power electrolysers at these sites will be used for various purposes, including contributing to the development of a green hydrogen refuelling station network, the operation of green hydrogen refuelling stations for fleet vehicles or to support mobility applications such as hydrogen-powered forklifts and light commercial vehicles.

Plug Power is currently planning the delivery and commissioning of 37 additional plants, which should increase hydrogen production capacity by 40 tonnes of hydrogen per day in the second half of 2024. When additional plants, such as the 25 MW electrolyser recently announced for the European market, are commissioned and reach full capacity, Plug Power's electrolyser systems will be able to produce 93 tonnes of hydrogen per day, according to the company.

After Plug Power shares were among the best-performing RENIXX stocks last week, rising 10.1 per cent to a price of EUR 2.40, they took a break on the first two days of trading, losing a slight 0.4 per cent to EUR 2.39 (closing price, 9 July 2024, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 10 Jul 2024