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Ballard Supplies Infintium With Fuel Cell Stacks to Power Material Handling Equipment for Daimler

Vancouver, Canada – Ballard Power Systems congratulates Infintium, Inc. on its announcement that the Company is now providing Hydrogen Power Cell fuel cell systems to Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) for use in powering Material Handling equipment at its Vance, Alabama manufacturing facility. Ballard fuel cell stacks are integrated into Infintium’s Hydrogen Power Cell systems.

The Daimler equipment being powered by Infintium Hydrogen Power Cell systems include Class 1 and 3 forklift trucks as well as Automated Guided Tuggers (AGTs). Accroding to the fuel cell company Ballard FCgen-1020ACS air-cooled fuel cell stacks and FCvelocity-9SSL liquid-cooled fuel cell stacks are integrated into Hydrogen Power Cell systems.

“Our Hydrogen Power Cells, with Ballard fuel cell stacks, underwent thousands of operational testing hours. We now have the data to prove that our smart design exceeded Mercedes’ desires to achieve greater reliability and higher fuel efficiency than previous fuel cell designs”, said Thomas Lynch, CEO of Infintium.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with Infintium on its fully integrated system for Material Handling applications. Working with our proven fuel cell stacks, Infintium is now supporting forklift trucks and AGTs for Daimler, a world-leading automotive OEM with the highest standards for performance and reliability”, noted Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Office.

Source: IWR Online, 04 Dec 2018