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Public Auction of Three Winergy Gearboxes for Senvion Wind Turbines

Dietramszell, Germany - On 29 November 2019 the sale of three Winergy gearboxes for Senvion wind turbines by way of public auction will take place at 13:00 (CET) in the Düsseldorf Hotel Meliá within the framework of a public auction in accordance with § 647 BGB (lien of the works contractor).

The auction will be conducted by the publicly appointed, sworn auctioneer Eberhard Ostermayer. The auction items are used wind gearboxes, completely refurbished, repaired and tested under full load in the Flender factory (Flender GmbH) as follows:

  • A Winergy gear unit type PZFB3680,2 with steel transport hubs for a Senvion 5M (5MW), offshore wind turbine
  • A Winergy gearbox type PZFB3680,2 without transport frame for a Senvion 5M (5MW), offshore wind turbine
  • A Winergy gearbox type PEAB4481,1 without transport frame for a Senvion MM82/92 (2MW), onshore wind turbine".
An inspection is possible after previous date arrangement and on 28.11.19 after arrangement. The lien auction is a sovereign act and is carried out on the basis of a contractual lien. There is no minimum hammer price for lien auctions. The knockdown is at the highest bid. A condition is that a prospective bidder can be registered for the auction under presentation of a valid personal document in due time and a security deposit at a value of 500 euro is deposited in cash locally and before beginning of the auction on the auction day.

Source: IWR Online, 21 Nov 2019