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Post EEG Solution: Delta and Freqcon Develop Container Concept for Further Operation

Wilhelmshaven, Rethem / Germany - One option for the continued operation of wind turbines (WTGs) after the expiry of the 20-year remuneration period under the EEG is the direct supply of industrial customers whose own requirements could be covered proportionately by these WTGs.

Both sides, the electricity generating WTG operator and the industrial customer, can benefit from the elimination of procurement costs and grid fees.

However, the hurdle for this type of partnership has so far been the requirements that apply with regard to the grid connection of wind turbines: Even if the wind turbine newly connected to the reference customer is to supply a production facility und does not feed into the grid, it is still a new grid connection. This means that the current grid connection regulations, which are correspondingly complex and cost-intensive, must also be met.

A solution was developed in the context of a cooperation between Delta Energielösungen technischer Anwendungen GmbH from Wilhelmshaven and Freqcon GmbH from Rethem. Delta Energielösungen as a planner for regenerative and decentralised energy systems, and Freqcon as a manufacturer of frequency converters and control systems for renewable energy systems have brought a concept to market readiness that upgrades the old wind turbines for the new tasks. For this purpose, according to the companies, the wind turbines are provided with their own grid via a combination of a converter container from Freqcon, which is enclosed by a Delta Transformer medium voltage switchgear container.

"After the business management questions for a prototype had been clarified, the more than 20 years of experience with old and new wind turbines helped me to describe the critical operating points”, says managing director Axel Hollmann of delta. With the help of FREQCON - another long-standing player in the regenerative industry - we have now found clear interfaces to get a series product on the way. “The grid services must be fulfilled proportionally to the maximum amount of electricity that is fed into the grid. We are able to adapt the different local requirements in order to find the optimum in specific cases", says Rainer Klosse, also managing director of Delta.

Source: IWR Online, 11 May 2020