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EKZ Renewables Commissions PESMA II Wind Farm in Portugal

Zurich / Switzerland - Swiss EKZ Renewables AG has further expanded its wind farm portfolio with the official commissioning of the PESMA II wind farm in Portugal.

PESMA II is EKZ Renewables' fifth wind farm in Portugal and comprises 6 Vestas wind turbines with a total capacity of 20 MW. The company's largest wind farm to date is located near Fátima, some 120 kilometres north of Lisbon. The expected annual yield is 70 million kWh (70 GWh). "PESMA II reaches about 3,500 full load hours - its favourable location can certainly be achieved with an offshore site”, says Nebojsa Bogdanovic, Senior Asset Development Manager at EKZ Renewables AG and Project Manager, responsible for the construction of PESMA II.

“Modern power plants using renewable energy in the most resource-rich locations in Europe also safely provide a cost-effective energy supply for the end customer today. Irrespective of where they are connected to the European interconnected grid, they always contribute to meeting the increasing demand for electricity, to replacing old power plants and thus fundamentally to ensuring the stability of our electricity grid", emphasises EKZ Renewables Managing Director Christian Hürlimann.

EKZ Renewables AG is involved in renewable energy projects in Germany and abroad. The company focuses on the acquisition and management of investments in wind and solar parks. In the future, if required, the green electricity certificates generated during production are to be used by the electricity utilities of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ) and/or even the electricity is to be imported into Switzerland. The company is actively looking for further investment opportunities in nearby foreign countries. The aim is to invest around 600 million Swiss francs in the development of a diversified portfolio of power plants in the renewable energy sector. EKZ Renewables AG was founded in May 2011 by EKZ as a Swiss investment company, is headquartered in the canton of Zurich and is wholly owned by EKZ.

Source: IWR Online, 12 Nov 2020