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Direct Marketing: Emsys VPP And Energy & Meteo Systems Score In Greece

Oldenburg, Germany / Athens, Greece - Watt+Volt, a leading Greek player in the Greek energy market, and the two German IT companies Emsys VPP and Energy & Meteo Systems will be working together in the future.

Watt+Volt has contracted the two companies to provide their Virtual Power Plant and power forecasting services to its new established aggregator unit. Equipped with this complete IT solution, Watt+Volt will enter the direct marketing of electricity from its own and third-party solar and wind power plants. Watt+Volt is thus expanding its service portfolio, which has so far included the trading and supply of electricity and natural gas.

With the Emsys VPP Virtual Power Plant, Watt+Volt has opted for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for digitally connecting large number of distributed energy units to monitor, remote-control and trade in real-time their combined electricity production.

As part of the SaaS contract, Emsys VPP configures an individual Virtual Power Plant for WATT+VOLT including connection of the assets and providing continuous operational support. The Virtual Power Plant is complemented by solar and wind power forecasts provided by Energy & Meteo Systems, Emsys VPP's partner company. The power forecasts are integrated into the Virtual Power Plant and enable Watt+Volt to react early and accurately to weather-dependent generation schedules of its continuously expanding renewable energy portfolio.

"With this state-of-the-art software package our aggregator unit is well-prepared for extracting maximum value out of our own and our clients’ renewable energy assets," said Watt+Volt President and CEO Anastasios Papanagiotou, referring to the company's renewable energy growth goals. "We are very pleased to be supplying our Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts to WATT+VOLT. This collaboration further strengthens our market position as a leading IT provider for utilities, traders, aggregators and plant operators in Greece and in Europe," adds Energy & Meteo Systems and Emsys VPP Managing Director Dr Ulrich Focken.

Source: IWR Online, 27 Sep 2021