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Wind Farm Of Energiequelle And Windstrom France in Brittany Goes Into Operation

Bourbriac, France - P&T Technologie, the French subsidiary of Energiequelle GmbH, has commissioned a wind farm with three Nordex turbines in Bourbriac in Brittany in the north-west of France together with Windstrom France.

The N117 turbines each have a capacity of 3 MW. The forecast annual yield of the wind farm with a total capacity of 9 MW is approx. 32 million kWh. According to Energiequelle, this could supply around 6,000 households.

The project was developed jointly with Windstrom France and received approval in July 2019. The construction has been taken over by P&T Technologie and work began in May 2021. The electricity produced will be remunerated at 7.2 cents per kWh over a period of 20 years

With the Bourbriac wind farm, Energiequelle has now installed a total capacity of 238 MW in France. Two more parks are still under construction this year. Windstrom France will also put two more wind farms into operation in 2022 and begin construction of another wind farm with its own 225 kV transformer station.

Source: IWR Online, 13 May 2022