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Enertrag Commissions Its Largest Own Wind Farm Project

Koszalin, Poland / Dauerthal, Germany - The energy service provider for renewable energies, Enertrag, has commissioned one of the largest wind farm projects in Poland. The Dauerthal-based company hopes to further expand wind energy in Poland.

With a capacity of 186 MW, the two wind farm fields Dargikowo and Karlino are among the largest in the country. The official opening ceremony has now taken place. There are opportunities to expand the wind farms. Changes to the 10H regulation or its abolition could give the Polish market an additional dynamic.

Wind farm project Dunowo: largest Enertrag project in operation

The Polish wind farm project Dunowo consists of the two sub-projects Dargikowo (43 turbines with 133 MW) and Karlino (16 turbines with 53 MW) in the north-west of Poland. With the installed capacity of 186 MW, an annual electricity generation of 600 million kWh is expected.

"I am proud of the dedicated work of our Polish colleagues, who successfully guided the project through the sometimes very lengthy administrative procedures and commissioned it on time despite pandemic-related restrictions and disrupted supply chains," said Dr Gunar Hering, Enertrag CEO. The project in Poland is the largest wind farm project that Enertrag has realised to date.

Enertrag also focuses on green hydrogen in Poland - contribution to the transformation of coal regions

As a pioneer in the production of green hydrogen in Europe, Enertrag wants to make an important contribution to Poland's hydrogen strategy and would like to contribute to the transformation of the historic coal regions - as it has done in Germany. "We hope for a timely relaxation of the 10H regulation, which is slowing down the expansion of Polish onshore wind power," says Christoph Sowa, Head of Department Poland. "In the course of realizing the Dunowo project, we have noticed a great interest on the part of Polish industry in regionally generated green energy, and we want to serve this interest by implementing other renewable projects in a timely manner."

About wind energy in Poland

In 2021, 48 new wind farms were built in Poland, with installed capacity climbing 11.5 per cent to 7,100 MW (7.1 GW). At the same time, the annual electricity feed-in from wind energy rose to 15 billion kWh according to the data of the European grid operators (ENTSO-E). In the current year 2022, wind power production can continue to increase strongly due to the expansion and has already reached 13 billion kWh from Jan to today (21.09.2022) (comparable period of the previous year: 9.3 billion kWh).

The biggest obstacle to the further dynamic growth of wind power in Poland is the 10H distance regulation. A change here could be on the horizon after the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers approved a draft amendment.

Source: IWR Online, 27 Sep 2022