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Capcora With Crucial Role: ID Energy Secures Credit Facility For Giant Renewable Energy Pipeline

Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Spanish renewable energy project developer ID Energy has secured a credit facility for a huge pipeline of PV and onshore wind projects with a total capacity of 1,700 MW (1.7 GW).

ID Energy's pipeline consists of 67 individual projects at sites across Europe in a capacity range between 1 MW and 150 MW and is expected to reach construction readiness between Q1 2023 and Q2 2027. With a total capacity of 700 MW, 500 MW of which in the onshore wind sector, the majority is accounted for by projects in Spain. Poland follows closely behind with a PV capacity of 600 MW, while projects in Hungary and Italy have a capacity of 250 MW and 150 MW, respectively.

The facility was fully underwritten by a newly established European loan fund. German consulting firm Capcora played a key role in raising capital and structuring the transaction.

According to Capcora, the innovative financing structure allows ID Energy to externally fund development milestones without diluting its stake in the pipeline. With the secured development facility and a strong foundation of diverse projects, ID Energy is well positioned to make a lasting difference in the European energy landscape, Capcora said.

"We are pleased to have sourced an alternative financing route for ID Energy and accomplished the closing of this complex transaction. The cross-border element and large project volume make this an exceptional achievement in the European market," said Alexander Enrique Kuhn, Managing Partner at Capcora. "This financing facility will be a catalyst in our next growth phase, enabling us to significantly scale our pipeline," said Julio Espadas, Co-Founder, Shareholder and Chief Financial Officer of ID Energy Group about the transaction.

Source: IWR Online, 11 Aug 2023