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EDF-EN takes over company shares of REETEC GmbH

Bremen: the French project developer and operator EDF-Energies Nouvelles based in Paris takes over 28% of company shares of REETEC GmbH from Detlef Lindenau.

EDF-EN plans and prosecutes wind farms all over Europe and the USA and wants to gain an insight in the European O&M-market. For this purpose a competence centre is being built in Southern France where all regenerative activities will be brought together in a master display.

REETEC GmbH is an ideal partner for EDF-EN as they exclusively work for manufacturers of wind turbines and are operating in the O&M-market. As early as 2008 a shared service point will be established in central France. From there REETEC will execute maintenance operations at turbines operated by EDF-EN by order of the manufacturers.

"By access of EDF-EN REETEC´s company policy won´t change. The strategic investment will help us to satisfy the fast-growing European market. With this investment we take a step forward to the coming challenges in regenerative energies, as here a circle comes full according to the usual practice in traditional energy industry. Operators, manufacturers and O&M-companies cooperatively ascertain the runtime of power stations", so the managing partner Detlef Lindenau.

Bremen, 29. November 2007

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