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juwi O&M services to provide MoreSun

Houston/Wörrstadt (renewablepress) - Juwi’s Operations & Maintenance GmbH and Pellucere Technologies have entered into a long-term agreement to jointly distribute the MoreSun® Anti-Reflective / Anti-Soiling coating and to provide complete turnkey installation services within the juwi Operations & Maintenance customer portfolio in Germany. MoreSun, which is manufactured by Pellucere Technologies, can improve energy generation of solar plants from 3.5% to over 4.2% by reducing reflective losses. With its always integrated Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™ DRT anti-soiling technology, the MoreSun coating can reduce in addition soiling rates by up to 90%, thereby further increasing energy generation from the solar plant.

Juwi Operations & Maintenance completed a comprehensive, 1.5 year-long review of the currently available retrofit anti-reflection products in the market and selected MoreSun because of its best-in-class anti-refection performance, durability, and anti-soiling properties. “We are excited to offer the MoreSun coating to our Operations & Maintenance portfolio clients for use on their utility scale solar plants. MoreSun will definitely help our portfolio plant owners with older, uncoated PV modules to improve energy production from the existing solar plants. We anticipate that their investment in the MoreSun coating will be paid back in as little as 2-3 years. Pellucere’s Guaranteed Payback Performance Warranty removes any risk for clients,” said Jörg Grinsch, who leads Sales & Key Account Management at the juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH

All installations of MoreSun are backed by Pellucere’s unique “Zero-Risk Performance Warranty” which guarantees that clients will generate additional revenue of at least 100% of the installed cost within the warranty period.

Worldwide, the juwi group has more than 2,500 MW of solar projects under management and is recognized as one of the leading providers of Operations & Maintenance services for utility-scale PV plants in Europe. “The juwi Operations & Maintenance team is always looking for plant improvement opportunities that will incorporate new products and technologies to improve the performance of their client’s portfolios and restore performance lost due to natural module degradation. Juwi, with its vast solar plant experience and proactive company culture, is the ideal partner for Pellucere to build a partnership and to enhance their clients’ portfolios,” said Klaus-Peter Fuss, Senior Vice President for Sales and Business Development in Europe and MENA.

MoreSun is designed to be applied in the field to utility-scale solar projects that use older PV modules which do not have a factory-installed anti-reflection coating, or on modules where the factory coating has worn off. It is applied using Pellucere’s patented meniscus-drag applicator systems.

The improved energy production achieved from the MoreSun anti-reflection coating is able to offset natural degradation that occurs in all PV technologies. “The combination of increased energy generation from the AR coating plus improvements from anti-soiling can result in payback in as little as 2-3 years,” explained Mr. Fuss

MoreSun always includes Pellucere’s Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™ that prevents dirt and dust from adhering to the surface. Talus DRT™ anti-soiling properties are achieved using a patented proprietary silica structure built into the coating, so it does not lose effectiveness over time (as is common with most fluorine-based anti-soiling treatments which are sensitive to UV light). “Despite not having huge soiling issues in Germany, MoreSun prevents dirt and dust from adhering to the surface and provides additional upside for our clients, particularly in the high-dust seasons when crop harvesting begins,” said Mr. Grinsch.

About the juwi group

The juwi group is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy. The renewable energy pioneer offers project development, Hybrid Solutions as well as EPC and O&M services. Company activities are mainly projects with solar and wind. The juwi group was established in 1996 in Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany. Since the end of 2014, Mannheim based utility MVV Energie AG has been partner shareholder of the juwi Group. juwi has about 850 employees worldwide, branches on all continents and is actively engaged in various projects all over the globe. Working together with passion to implement renewable energy economically and reliably is what drives us.

So far, juwi has realised more than 1,000 wind turbines with a total capacity of more than. 2,300 megawatts at 180 sites globally. In the solar segment, more than 1,700 projects with a total capacity of around 2,500 megawatts have been designed and constructed. Combined, these energy systems produce around 8.0 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy per year, equaling the annual demand of more than 2.6 million German households. Within the past 20 years, juwi has initiated an investment volume of around 8.8 billion euros to realise these projects.

About Pellucere Technologies, Inc.

Pellucere Technologies is based in Houston, Texas, with R&D and production facilities in Corvallis, Oregon, and sales and customer support in USA, Europe and Taiwan. The company develops and manufactures advanced optical coatings for a wide range of energy and industrial needs.

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Houston/Wörrstadt, 27 February 2020

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