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Eneco and Deutsche Windtechnik sign 5-year agreement for major component exchanges at the OWP Prinses Amaliawindpark

Deutsche Windtechnik will be in charge of the major component exchanges in Prinses Amaliawindpark during the next 5-years<br />
© Eneco
Deutsche Windtechnik will be in charge of the major component exchanges in Prinses Amaliawindpark during the next 5-years
© Eneco
Utrecht (NL)/Bremen (GER) - (renewablepress) - Wind farm owner Eneco has assigned Deutsche Windtechnik to perform major component exchanges in the Dutch offshore wind farm Prinses Amalia during a period of five years, starting in August. The wind farm is composed of 60 Vestas V80 wind turbines. The contract covers the deployment of highly skilled personnel and the specific tooling and equipment needed to carry out exchanges of major components. During the coming five years, up until the end of the designed lifetime, campaigns will be carried out once or twice a year using a jack-up vessel to replace multiple large components, including gearboxes and generators but also rotor blades if needed.

First deployment of highly skilled personnel in August

The first deployment is scheduled for mid-August 2022. “One of the Vestas V80-WTGs needs to have one of its rotor blades replaced on short notice. Deutsche Windtechnik will perform this and all potential future exchanges by providing an expert team composed of a project lead, specially trained service technicians, a banksman and supervisor,” said Geert Timmers, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik B.V. Furthermore, the service company will be in charge of supplying the required tools such as lifting frames, taglines and general equipment. Deutsche Windtechnik is responsible for all phases of the project, including the preparation of the major component exchange at sea, dismantling of the old component and installation of the new component, the testing phase and the reporting. The project manager provided by Deutsche Windtechnik will ensure clear communication between all parties and will work closely with the wind farm operator Eneco during all phases of the project.

Independent service gives wind farm operators more flexibility

For Eneco, trusting in an independent service provider such as Deutsche Windtechnik means more flexibility and the minimisation of risk. “The ability to execute high-quality, cost-efficient main component exchanges is key for Eneco to achieve optimal performance of our wind farms. With Deutsche Windtechnik, we bring in additional experience and a company with a proven track record,” said Koen Vos, Asset Manager for Prinses Amaliawindpark at Eneco. Deutsche Windtechnik carried out more than 400 major component exchanges at sea, giving the company a wealth of experience and technical routine in this discipline and ensuring major component exchanges at the highest level of quality.

About Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Bremen-based Deutsche Windtechnik AG offers a single-source full technical maintenance package for wind turbines in Europe, the USA and Taiwan. The company operates both onshore and offshore. More than 2,000 employees provide service for over 7,700 wind turbines worldwide under permanent maintenance contracts (basic and full maintenance). The company's system engineering focuses on Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa, Enercon and GE turbines.

About Eneco

Eneco is an international energy company committed to accelerating the energy transition. Our One Planet Plan forms the basis for our ambition to be completely climate-neutral as early as 2035, in terms of both our own and our customers’ energy consumption. This requires radical electrification, phasing out natural gas in the production and supply of energy and accelerating sustainable heat. We invest in sustainable means of production, energy storage possibilities and smart energy solutions for consumers and businesses. Together we work on everyone’s sustainable energy.

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Caption: Deutsche Windtechnik will be in charge of the major component exchanges in Prinses Amaliawindpark during the next 5-years
© Eneco

Utrecht, Bremen, 15 June 2022

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