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First Solar Power: Encavis Completes Spanish Large-scale PV power Plant on Schedule

Hamburg, Germany - Independent renewable power producer Encavis has connected the company's largest solar farm to date in Spain to the electricity grid. Last Week on Monday (04.01.2021), the first kilowatthours (KWh) from the "Talayuela" solar park were fed into the Spanish high-voltage grid.

The solar power plant "Talayuela" with d. 300 MWp solar capacity is thus currently the largest solar power plant in the Encavis Group portfolio. Following the already successful grid connection of the major "La Cabrera" project with a generation capacity of around 200 MWp in September last year Spain will become the leader of ENCAVIS Groups' solar park portfolio with a generation capacity of around 500 MW.

"We will profit strongly from the growing market for long-term private power purchase agreements (PPAs) in many other European countries, as in Spain, in the future," explained Dr. Dierk Paskert, CEO of Encavis AG, the decision to locate in Spain, which was made years ago.

From the two solar parks, Encavis will generate revenues of more than 36 million euros and an additional EBITDA of more than 27 million euros in the current year 2021, Encavis said.

The Encavis share, which is listed in the global RENIXX World index for renewable energies, is currently quoted at 24 euros (11.01.21).

Source: IWR Online, 11 Jan 2021