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AI Test Phase Completed: VSB Service GmbH Relies on Artificial Intelligence For Wind Farm Monitoring

Dresden, Germany - VSB Service GmbH is optimising its technical operations management and will be relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in the future. After almost 2.5 years of testing, VSB Service is taking the next step so that green energy can be produced even more efficiently, the company announced.

AI solutions from Turbit will be used. Turbit Systems GmbH has been developing AI infrastructure for monitoring wind turbines for five years to bring predictive maintenance and AI-supported performance monitoring into the everyday work of technical operations management.

"Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the wind industry. We were looking for a provider that integrates into our work processes. In addition to software integration, it was important for us to invest in a dynamic system that improves constantly and provides the infrastructure to work with high-resolution data", explains Eric Schacht, Project Manager Technical Operations Management at VSB Service GmbH.

Turbit uses historical SCADA data from the wind turbine to learn the normal behaviour of wind turbines per site using neural networks. Turbit then permanently simulates the normal behaviour and compares it with the current sensor data. If deviations are detected, Turbit automatically sends signals directly to the technical management. These data are used to train deep neural networks that predict the classification.

In the pilot phase, shutdowns could already be prevented by predictive service interventions, says Michael Tegtmeier, founder and CEO of Turbit.

Source: IWR Online, 09 Mar 2023