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Wind Market Germany: Nordex Awarded 50 MW Contract by E-Wikom

Hamburg, Germany - Nordex has been awarded a contract by a project company managed by renewable service provider E-Wikom for the supply and installation of the turbines for the Ostprignitz wind farm with a total capacity of 50.4 MW in Brandenburg.

The maintenance and servicing of the total of 9 turbines over a period of 20 years are also part of the contract.

Nordex will deliver and install eight N149/5.X turbines and one N133/4800 turbine, each with a hub height of 164 meters, in early 2024. The turbines will be installed in a row parallel to the Berlin-Hamburg Autobahn A24 near the Wittstock Dosse interchange. In addition to a shadow flicker module and a bat modul, the turbines will also be equipped with Nordex's "IDD Blade" option for ice detection on the rotor blades.

After commissioning at the end of 2024, the turbines are expected to feed around 125 million kWh (125 GWh) of electricity into the grid each year. In arithmetical terms, this is roughly equivalent to the consumption of almost 32,000 four-person households.

"After an intensive development period in the currently very dynamic market environment, we are very pleased to be able to build another large wind farm in Brandenburg with Nordex and to continue the successful cooperation between our companies", says E-Wikom CEO Denis Kühn about the new order. "Thanks in part to this project, the expansion of wind energy in Germany is gradually gaining more momentum. With the Wind-to-Land Act, which came into force on 1 February 2023, we and our customers now hope that it will advance the expansion of wind energy in Germany much faster than before," added Karsten Brüggemann, Vice President Region Central at Nordex Group.

On yesterday's trading day, Nordex stock fell slightly by 0.7 percent to EUR 14.37 (closing price, March 13, 2023, Stuttgart Stock Exchange). Currently, the RENIXX Group's share price is up 1.9 percent at EUR 14.635 (10:45 a.m., 03/14/2023, Stuttgart Stock Exchange). This means that Nordex stock has gained 11 percent since the turn of the year.

Source: IWR Online, 14 Mar 2023