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CCS Technology: Ørsted Launches Denmark's First CO2 Capture Project

Frederica, Denmark - Ørsted is starting construction of Denmark's first carbon capture storage (CCS) project.

The Danish energy company will build a CCS plant at the site of the woodchip-fired Asnæs power plant in Kalundborg and the straw-fired unit at the Avedøre power plant in the Copenhagen area. The Danish Energy Agency awarded a 20-year contract for the "Ørsted Kalundborg CO2 Hub" in May 2023.

Ørsted expects the CCS project to capture a total of 430,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 per year from the beginning of 2026. Of this, 280,000 tonnes per year will be CO2 captured from the woodchip-fired unit at the Asnæs power plant. The remaining 150,000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be captured from the straw-fired unit at the Avedøre power plant.

These CO2 quantities will initially be transported by lorry to the Asnæs power plant site, which will act as a CO2 hub until a joint pipeline infrastructure is established across Zealand. The CO2 will be transported from Asnæs to the Northern Lights storage reservoir in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.

"We’re proud to initiate the construction of Denmark's first full-scale carbon capture project. To combat climate change, we must implement various types of green solutions, and this project is one of the initiatives that will play a pivotal role in our efforts“, says Ole Thomsen, Senior Vice President und Leiter des Geschäftsbereichs Bioenergie bei Ørsted über das Vorhaben.

The Ørsted share is trending upwards this morning and is currently trading at 44.70 euros.

Source: IWR Online, 04 Dec 2023