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Transport Transition: Ballard Power Receives Further Orders For Fuel Cell Buses From Wrightbus

Vancouver, Canada - While the trend in next-generation passenger cars is moving towards battery-powered electric vehicles, fuel cells are leading the way in commercial vehicles. This is also reflected in the latest orders for Ballard Power from Ireland.

The Canadian fuel cell manufacturer has received several orders for a total of 70 FCmove® HD fuel cell modules for fuel cell buses (FCEBs). The customer is the British bus manufacturer Wrightbus, which operates hydrogen-powered buses in the UK and Europe.

Ballard expects the fuel cell modules to be delivered in 2024 and the buses to enter service in 2025. The fuel cell systems will be used to power single and double-decker buses in the UK and Germany.

"We are pleased to strengthen our relationship with Wrightbus and support their deployment of an increasing volume of hydrogen-powered transit buses across the UK and Europe. We are seeing broader market acceptance of fuel cell buses by European transit operators seeking to decarbonize their operations with a technology approach that enables long range, fast refueling, and scalable refueling infrastructure.” commented Oben Uluc, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EMEA at Ballard Power on the orders.

Ballard Power shares have fallen by 4.1 per cent to a price of EUR 2.35 in the first three days of trading so far this week (closing price, 24 April 2024, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 25 Apr 2024