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Successful Project: Energiequelle Celebrates Commissioning of The Bad Gandersheim Repowering Project

Bad Gandersheim, Germany - Energiequelle GmbH has completed the Bad Gandersheim repowering project in Lower Saxony. The new E-160 wind turbine with a hub height of 166 metres and a capacity of 5.56 MW was commissioned in mid-February 2024.

A year earlier, in February 2023, construction work began with the dismantling of four old turbines that had been in operation since 2000. According to Energiequelle, the repowering project will achieve an efficiency gain of around 530 per cent with the construction of the new turbine and will now supply around 5,000 households with green electricity. Thanks to its overall height of 250 metres and its direct location on the A7 motorway, the latest generation repowering turbine can be seen from afar.

Jan Schrobsdorff, Project Manager at Energiequelle, is optimistic that further repowering projects can be realised in the future: "It's impressive to see how current technical progress has made such significant increases in efficiency possible. Germany offers great potential for further repowering projects, as many wind turbines are already over 20 years old."

A small inauguration ceremony will be held at the wind turbine on 25 May to celebrate the good cooperation between Energiequelle and the local residents and stakeholders.

With more than 850 plants installed and a total capacity of around 1,700 MW, Energiequelle is one of the leading companies in the industry. Energiequelle currently employs around 550 people in six countries.

Source: IWR Online, 25 Apr 2024