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Solar Projects In Asia: Wpd Plans To Start Construction Of Photovoltaic Projects In Taiwan

Bremen, Germany - Wpd AG is known for the project planning of wind energy plants. But solar energy is also playing an increasingly important role. In Taiwan, WPD plans to start construction of three photovoltaic projects in the near future.

So far, the Bremen-based company has already implemented 38 photovoltaic projects in Taiwan with a total capacity of 9.25 MW. With the three new projects, Wpd intends to further strengthen its position in the important Taiwanese market for renewable energies.

A 1 MW rooftop project is planned in the city of Taoyuan, a major industrial center in northwestern Taiwan. Taoyuan is adjacent to New Taipei, Taiwan's largest city. The PV modules will be installed on the roof of a hall complex owned by Manloy Metal Industrial Co. Ltd. The solar plant will generate 1.25 million kWh of green electricity in the future.

With the other two projects, Wpd will realign the focus of its PV strategy in Taiwan. These are ground-mounted projects located in Chiayi County in the west of the island nation. The projects are in close proximity to each other and have a total planned capacity of 0.4 MW, so that all three new Taiwanese wpd solar projects will have a combined output of 1.5 MW.

"In Taiwan, we not only find excellent conditions for wind on- and offshore, but also for the generation of solar energy," says Niclas Fritsch, Managing Director solar PV at wpd. "We have established ourselves in the country as an important and competent partner for renewable energy projects and can further expand our own portfolio."

Taiwan's renewable energy market is a key market for Wpd in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to Taiwan, the Bremen-based company is active in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines and India.

Source: IWR Online, 25 Aug 2021