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IWR expects 10,000 MW of new wind and solar capacity in Germany

IWR expects 10,000 MW of new wind and solar capacity in Germany<br />
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IWR expects 10,000 MW of new wind and solar capacity in Germany
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Münster (renewablepress) - The expansion of wind and solar power plants in Germany will continue unabated in the current year. The International Economic Forum for Renewable Energies (IWR) in Münster expects new wind and solar plants with a capacity of around 10,000 MW in Germany alone in 2022.

According to the IWR forecast, around 8,000 MW will be added to photovoltaics and around 2,000 MW to wind energy. The additional annual electricity generation potential from this new construction thus increases by another 12 billion kWh of green electricity.

"The market dynamics are highest in the solar sector this year, but the wind sector is slowly catching up, also due to the new start of offshore wind energy," said IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch in Muenster. Nevertheless, the pace of expansion can still be increased significantly. Allnoch: "It has now taken just over 10 years for annual photovoltaic expansion to match the previous record year of 2012, following the political shutdown of the German solar industry."

There is no sign of a power shortage in Germany in 2022, according to the IWR. From January to August 2022 alone, 158.8 billion kWh (2021: 146.2 billion kWh) and thus 12.6 billion kWh or 8.6% more green electricity was fed into the German power grid than in the same period last year. This is according to an IWR analysis of data from European grid operators (ENTSO-E).

"The skyrocketing electricity prices in 2022 are not due to a lack of electricity in Germany, but are the result of expensive gas-fired power plants combined with a price-driving shortage of electricity in France, where 32 of a total of 56 nuclear power plants are currently shut down," Allnoch added. For the year 2022 alone, the outage of the French nuclear power plants could result in a shortfall of around 80 billion kWh of nuclear power, which will have to be covered by France's neighboring countries. This year's French nuclear power shortfall thus significantly exceeds Finland's total annual power generation (2021: 69 billion kWh).

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Caption: IWR expects 10,000 MW of new wind and solar capacity in Germany
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Münster, 02 September 2022

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