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Repowering And New Construction: Qualitas Energy Acquires 80 MW Wind Farm Projects

Berlin, Germany - Qualitas Energy has secured the rights for two wind projects in Germany with a total capacity of 80 MW. The global investment and management platform with a focus on renewable energies, energy transition and sustainable infrastructure projects is planning the repowering of the Apensen wind farm and the new development of a wind farm in Blumberg.

Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH has completed the acquisition of close to 90 percent of Apensen wind farm near Hamburg after reaching an agreement with around 570 shareholders. The repowering is intended to significantly increase the capacity of the wind farm. Furthermore, the company will develop a new greenfield wind farm in Blumberg in the southern part of Baden-Württemberg.

In total, Qualitas Energy's German portfolio now comprises 50 wind power projects under development with a total capacity of 1,600 MW and more than 350 MW of turbines in operation. The company intends to continue to successfully operate or repower wind farms.

Niklas Hinz, Investment Director of Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH: "Our fund Q-Energy V (QE V) continues to invest in German and international renewable energy projects and reinforces our commitment to the transition to a decarbonized economy. We will acquire more wind farms with a focus on repowering and significantly expand our portfolio of greenfield projects."

Source: IWR Online, 03 Mar 2023